Microsoft Edge

Microsoft edge is way ahead of Google Chrome and Firefox at blocking malware downloads and phishing attacks. The test was conducted by NSS Labs which continued for 23 days. If you talk about the benchmark, Edge blocks 96 percent of malicious links and pop-ups, Chrome and Firefox stand at 88 percent and 70 percent respectively. Besides that, Microsoft Edge even topped the list when it comes to phishing.

Microsoft Edge blocks 92 percent of the malicious links while Chrome and Edge only managed to block only 75 percent and 61 percent. The ‘Zero Hour’ malware protection test, however, has some interesting benchmarks. Those who are unaware of the term, ‘Zero Hour’ malware protection is the time taken to block a new threat. Edge dominates even in the ‘Zero Hour’ malware test with a score of 99.8 percent from the very first hour. The ‘Zero Hour’ phishing test is also impressive for Microsoft Edge with a score of 82 percent, standing tall against Chrome and Firefox.

Microsoft promotes Edge browser as a means to provide better security and battery life and stats like these are always good for the company. Mind you that all these statics are not the ultimate factor in deciding the top browser out there. Google Chrome still dominates the market.