Microsoft has recently released a number of Windows 11 apps with a revamped UI and other new features over their Windows 10 versions. Now, an unannounced Windows 11 app has leaked thanks to an inadvertent teaser by Microsoft.

Windows 11 Media Player has appeared in an official Windows webcast video (now private). The name “Media Player” may indicate a revamped for Windows 11 version of the old “Windows Media player”.

Coming to the leak now, the revamped media player has appeared in the “Focus sessions” integration. You can check the feature image above to see the Media player with fluent redesign in action. Below image is a crop of the above image and shows the UI controls of the Windows 11 media player.

Microsoft has so far not teased or communicated about any redesign of the Windows 11 Media player. So, most probably, we won’t see it appearing with the Windows 11 public release build on October 5, unless Microsoft intends to surprise Windows 11 fans.

Windows 11 new features/changes:

For those interested, Windows 11 update release will be known as Windows 11 October 2021 update or Windows 10 version 21H2 and is targeted at a October 5, 2021 release. Windows 11 brings lots of UI/UX changes, new features, performance and usability improvements over Windows 10.

You can read all the new features and changes that Windows 11 brings over Windows 10 in our massive collated changelog.