According to rumors originating in China, we may see Samsung and Microsoft partnership resulting in a Windows 10 Mobile version of Samsung Galaxy S8. It may be Samsung’s way to say thank you to Microsoft for supporting Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus sales.

This rumor has originated from well-known site ITHome in China. The site claims to have learned it from their sources.  They have seen confidential information about the Galaxy S8 Windows 10 Mobile variant, they claim.  The report further claims that Microsoft and Samsung have entered into a new round of partnership that will see, Microsoft and Samsung launching Samsung Ativ S8 at May 2 Microsoft Spring event.

Though ITHome strikes a cautionary note saying they heard similar stories about Xiaomi Mi 4 flagship running Windows 10 Mobile, which resulted in disappointment.

While there is not much evidence to support this rumor, there is a screenshot doing rounds that reportedly shows Windows 10 Mobile running on a variant of Samsung Galaxy S8. Though if one looks closely, one may end up finding questionable stuff like 1704 version in the above screenshot.

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So, we urge you to take it with a pinch of salt. However if it comes true, Microsoft may end up springing a big surprise to those claiming Windows Phone is dead.

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