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Windows Phone is not the primary OS for Samsung and we may not see it bringing as many Windows Phone devices and exclusive apps as it does with Android. But still, time to time we see Samsung bringing some useful apps exclusively for its devices. It has now brought two new app,s one DLNA streaming & another inter-device content play apps to store. The DLNA streaming app is called Share Box while the inter-device content play app is called Samsung Link.

Samsung Link:

The Samsung Link service lets you play content saved on various types of devices over the Internet. You can view, and play the content on your devices and share them with other devices, websites, or storage services via Samsung Link. With Samsung Link, managing your content on your devices is more convenient than ever.

Share Box:

“[Share Box] is a useful app that lets you share content with nearby devices via [DLNA]. You can play music and video from your phone on your TV wirelessly.

* Feature (all features will work on devices connected to the same AP).

– You can send content from your device to other devices.

– You can import, play, and save content from other devices to your device.

– You can share and play content on other devices, remotely with your own device.”

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