Earlier this week Samsung launched it’s surprisingly good tablet in it’s Galaxy series powered by Windows 10. The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S is the first Galaxy Tablet running Windows 10 on it.It is a detachable 2-in-1 – optimized for entertainment and productivity. It is thinner than the Apple’s iPad Pro even lighter too. It has Intel processor in it.

After the tablet launch, the company has partnered with Microsoft for Windows 10 & IoT devices. So at the event in CES, Samsung & Microsoft joined hands for IoT devices running IoT version of Windows 10. IN India, Videocon has already released TVs running full Windows 10 on it. Microsoft says CES is a perfect event to showcase ideas that show how Windows 10 is the ideal platform for intelligent IoT devices. They shared some demo of how these devices run on Windows 10 IoT. Some devices were also named like Qualcomm DragonBoard 410C,Raspberry Pi 2 and Intel Minnowboard MAX etc.

The company also said “creating a future where people have more choice and ultimately can be more productive at home” Furthermore Microsoft said about partnership “We’ve delivered Windows 10 IoT Core for popular IoT maker boards since releasing it last year, including Qualcomm DragonBoard 410c, Intel Minnowboard MAX and the Raspberry Pi 2.  Our investment in Windows IoT continues, with our recent release of Windows 10 IoT Core Pro on December 3rd, where we extended our Windows 10 IoT Core offering to large organizations and the professional community looking for additional update controls for their Windows IoT Core products.”