Tower 57

Twin Stick Shooter game Tower 57 is coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 with Xbox Play Anywhere support in the coming months.

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Tower 57 is one of the games that tests your imagination and gaming skills. Think of the Tower 57 as retro on the outside, but modern, well-crafted machinery on the inside.

In Tower 57, you are lost in a steampunk-themed tower-like fortress full of threats. Some of these enemies have tentacles, others with cutting-edge lasers, but all share the same agenda: putting an end to your existence.

But you are not alone, since this is a co-op game, grab a controller and get on as you and your friend are handed a Tesla gun with plenty of ammo at your disposal, boom! boom! Sounds like a more explosive story doesn’t it? ​Your main objective is to discover the mystery of this Megatower while making things go boom in the process.

Tower 57 on Xbox One and Windows 10 is releasing in the coming months. To keep track of the progress, follow the developers on twitter

Also, you can read more about the game at Xbox Wire