In a press release, Nokia has announced the arrival of Sky Go application on Nokia Lumia devices. This has been possible due to a collaboration between Nokia, Microsoft and Sky. The application for the time being is Italy exclusive but as the press release mentions Global début, so it seems eventually the Sky Go service will come to other markets as well. Microsoft and Nokia have mentioned it as a Christmas present to Lumia owners and celebration of becoming the 2nd largest operating system in Italy.

“Sky Go on the Windows Phone 8 platform is a world exclusive for Italy and a true Christmas present for our customers,” said Paola Cavallero, General Manager, Nokia Italia. “We are particularly pleased with the partnership with Sky as it will further increase the satisfaction of our Italian users of Lumia devices. This app, in addition to the recent arrival in the Store of other successful brands such as Instagram and Vine, will be available on the entire Lumia family stretching from the Lumia 520 to the new Lumia 1520 with its high-quality 6-inch screen.”

We are enthusiastic about our collaboration with Sky and proud that Italy has been chosen for the global debut of Sky Go on Windows Phone. This is further confirmation of the excellent results that have led our mobile operating system to become the second largest in Italy in the third quarter of 2013. said Silvano Colombo, Consumer Channel Group Manager, Microsoft Italia.

It is of course a good time for Lumia owners, as many big name applications have arrived on WP store in last few days. Slowly and steadily the “missing apps” complaint is being taken care by Microsoft and Nokia!