Microsoft is on the role of seeding new updates to its different apps and services. Today the company has released a new update to the Skype app.

The latest update to Skype is being rolled out in the Skype Insider Preview program. This new update brings build in the Skype Insider Preview program. It comes with some new features and buff fixes along with it. The new update can not change the background, change your message reactions, new grid view, and much more.

A detailed changelog is given below,


What’s New:

  • Boring background? Or did you forget to clean up your room? No worries, just change the camera background!
  • Change your message reactions! With this feature, you can use any existing emoticon as a message reaction. Just use /attractions and have some fun. You can always remove it with /remove reactions or /restrictions commands.
  • Did somebody kick you out from the group? Teachers, this one is for you because we love your feedback! From now on you can create new Moderated Groups! Nobody can mute you or kick you out anymore.
  • New grid view! So you can see up to 10 participants during the video call.
  • Control my screen – a simple remote control feature while screen sharing
  • Enable global shortcuts – so you can perform Skype actions even when the app is minimized or not in focus. You will find it in Settings – General under Accessibility
  • Support for system dark theme under iOS 13

What’s fixed:

  • We’ve fixed some notifications in Skype for Android