Today Slack team delivered a new update for their classic Win32 app on Windows PC’s. The latest update takes app to version 2.10 which packs with numbers of improvements and features.
So if you’re using Slack on Windows 10 PC, then now you will be experience a new enhanced notifications for app which now includes a sender profile pic and photo attachment with that. Check out full change log below.

What’s new in latest update
• Customers on the Windows 10 beta will see enhanced notifications, including the sender’s profile picture and image attachments. What a delight!
• When resuming from sleep, Slack was unusually groggy and would sometimes take over a minute to reconnect. We set an alarm, applied caffeine and a dash of code, and behold: the app resumes much faster now.
• A shiny new About box that lists our licenses legibly. Legalese: let it be.
• Can’t find the release notes, you say? Wait, how did you get here? Oh well– tryHelp > What’s New next time.
• An issue where teams could fall out of any sensible order in the sidebar. We put them back in formation.
• The sidebar was using the menu background color rather than the channel list color, resulting in a fashion faux pas for some custom themes.
• Always Show Menu Barwas checked when it should be unchecked, and unchecked when it should be checked. We swizzled its quantum spin and the universe is consistent once again.
• Opening developer tools through a troubleshooting link (which we occasionally use for support) now does what we told you it would do.

Download latest version from below link from

Download Slack For Windows PC.