Slack has pushed a new update for its Slack (beta) app for Windows Phone devices in the Windows Store.

The latest update v2017.221.0.0 brings a number of bug fixes.

Here is the full changelog:


  • Occasionally, changing teams could cause an error. Now switching is seamless and everyone can be equally well-attended to.
  • You can once again leave and close conversations using slash commands. /close, /leave, /part – whatever: you’re out.
  • Where some were missing team icons, they no longer are.
  • Tapping a push notification to a thread will now show you all the new messages there as well as the message you followed.
  • Signing into a team you’re already logged into no longer requires you to restart the app. Because that was silly. Sorry about that.

If you were encountering any of these issues, this should give a sigh of relief.

Download/update the app from the store using the link below.

Slack (Beta)
Slack (Beta)
Price: Free