The Windows Phone app which has gone free next as myAppFree app of the day is SoundByte. This is a beautiful SoundCloud client built for Windows 10 devices. Every feature has been hand designed and created for the best possible user experience. Features include listening to sounds, creating sets, receiving notifications, uploading sounds, and much more!

SoundByte Details:

Name: SoundByte
Developer: Grid Entertainment

Standard Price: $2.99
Promotion Price: $0.00

Start date: 22nd February
End date: 23rd February

SoundByte Features:

  • View your stream, trending items, likes and notifications.
  • Perform tasks using Drag UI.
  • Stream music in the background.
  • Receive notifications when a new sound or set is posted.
  • Search for sounds, sets and users.
  • Upload Sounds and Create Sets.
  • Pin Sets, Users and Sounds.
  • Decreased memory usage compared to the SoundCloud website.
  • Shuffle Sounds and Sets.

You can download the app from the given link below.