Microsoft has released a fresh new camera app for iOS in the App Store. The new Sprinkles camera app lets you snap a picture and automatically add witty captions to it. It does so with the help of powerful machine learning and suggests near accurate captions for your photos.

Capture a selfie and let the app caption it for you with its smart face-detection, that adds Smart Stickers that fit your face perfectly. You can also choose from number of Emojis and stickers, and if ever you fall short, find more with a quick web search.

Here is the full feature list:

  • Choose from witty captions based on what’s in the photo
  • Explore different time- and location-based captions and stickers
  • Search for free stickers on the web
  • Add stickers, emoji*, and your own captions in different styles
  • Auto detect your age, celeb look-a-like, and more
  • Place hats, mustaches, and other accessories on your selfies by face detection
  • Unlock more captions and stickers when you add your birth date
  • Enable even more content in Settings

The app was not found in the store. 🙁