early adoption program

Microsoft has announced a new program for SQL Server vNext. The SQL Server Early Adoption Program, short for SQL EAP, aims at helping out customers and partners to embrace the next version of SQL Server.

For interested customers, the program will provide profound engagements with the Engineering group and specifically those individuals who are interested in validating new features and receiving SQL Server vNext on Windows or Linux underway.

Through the program you will have direct access to the engineering team and an opportunity to bring your workload to the SQLCAT Customer Lab to directly engage and test with the SQL Server team. An NDA with Microsoft will be required to participate in the program.

Benefits of joining the program include:

  • Provide feedback directly to the SQL Server engineering team.
  • Full production support from Microsoft Support via special support channel.
  • The ability to deploy SQL Server vNext in production prior to general availability.

If you are interested in participating in the program, head to this page for enrolment

Further more, you can explore SQL Server vNext and check out the documentation here