Given that Microsoft nowadays talks a lot about productivity and cloud it comes very naturally to the company to infuse such technologies that can ease a customer’s need who’s leitmotif is always be like ‘Productivity first’. Today out of the blue Engineering Manager for Microsoft Sticky Notes Reza Jooyandeh confirmed the news in a Tweet.

At this moment Sticky Notes works just fine. With v3.0 we have a lot to speculate as we don’t know any details of the newer version.

The company might just introduce Fluent design to the newer version and that might be the finest guess. While implementation of the Fluent Design system to the app looks inevitable, we speculate that the company has more on the table. Having said that we are not claiming anything here as nothing is clear except for the announcement and for the time being there is no harm in doing some guesswork.

Please note that Microsoft did not mention any date. So you might get disappointed if you are considering the newer version of the Sticky Notes to appear in the next Skip Ahead ring of Windows 10.