The recent announcement of the Surface Hub 2 was both exciting and dissapointing at the same. Dissapointing because of the delay in shipping of the Surface Hub 2X which has all the cool functionalities like adapt to the users’ need and many others. Now the interesting part about the Surface Hub 2X as you might have guessed it is the OS.

According to WalkingCat, the Surface Hub 2X will be running HubOS. Just to clarify, HubOS is the like what Andromeda is for the mythical Surface Phone, it is basically an OS capable of dapting to various use cases but designed only for the future Surface Hub devices. However, it is too early to speculate considering the how far we are from the Surface Hub 2X launch and anything can happen in this course of two years. But now that Microsoft had demoed the how the 2X model will work, we can safely say that it will rock an adaptable OS.