Microsoft is working on the latest iterations of its Surface devices like Surface Pro 7 and Surface Laptop 3. It is also working to bring a new iteration of Surface Pen for these devices.

Now, a Microsoft patent hints at a radical idea that Microsoft may consider for its Surface Pen 2019 version. The patent describes the Surface Pen with a sensing tip that can be removed easily.

The description relates to devices having sensing tips and releasably retaining the sensing tips. One example includes a tip holder that defines a cavity that receives the sensing tip. This example also includes first and second clamps positioned radially around the tip holder and extending through holes in the tip holder into the cavity to contact the sensing tip. The example further includes a flexible clamp band positioned around the first and second clamps and biasing the first and second clamps inwardly against the sensing tip.

More interesting is the purpose behind this removable sensing tip.  Actually, Microsoft intends Surface Pen owners to be able to not only remove the sensing tip easily but also replace it with a new sensing tip or sensing tips customized for specialized purposes.

For example, users can use one sensing tip for writing and another for drawing. Microsoft also considers it good for the cases when Sensing tips get worn out/damaged.

The present concepts relate to graspable electronic devices that have sensing tips that allow a user to interact with another device, such as a tablet or phone. An electronic stylus or digital pen is a common example of a graspable electronic device. The sensing tip can sense information that can then be communicated to electronic components in the digital pen. Sensing tips can wear out and/or be damaged. Also, individual sensing tips can have different properties. For instance, one sensing tip might be narrow and be designed for writing, while another sensing tip is broader and is designed for drawing. The present concepts relate to tip retention assemblies that physically releaseably retain the sensing tip and electronically connect the sensing tip to electronic components in the pen body. The user can readily remove the sensing tip and insert a new sensing tip. The tip retention assemblies can offer economical designs that provide consistent mechanical retention and reliable electrical contact between the sensing tip and electronic components in the pen body over the lifetime of the digital pen.

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The latest Rumors hint at a Big Surface event this fall. Some murmurs claim that Microsoft will perhaps make this event the biggest Surface launch event ever. Surface Pro 7 and Surface Laptop 3 are near-certain candidates for an unveil at this launch event.