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Surface phone delayed, the dream of a pocket PC witnesses a pushback


Microsoft’s project Andromeda which is also known as a Surface phone is reportedly delayed. We claimed that the mythical device would make its appearance sometime in October. Now another report suggests that the project is pushed back. The Microsoft internal did not give a clear response whether the project got canceled or not.

There were a plethora of patents on the internet especially on Microsoft focused websites, all hinting the companies close involvement with the project. The rumor heated up when we were finally seeing codes on insider builds with names like Andromeda, dual display or hinge.

Microsoft’s recent announcement of a Surface Hub 2 got the attention it needed especially the hinge. Hopes went all time higher seeing the teaser, after all, it looked like Microsoft have enough of resource to build this thing. But now things are different according to a Microsoft journalist Mary Jo Foley.

She is now claiming that the Andromeda project won’t make it with the Redstone 5 build which is set to release sometime in September. Which means that we will not see Panos Panay holding the pocket PC. She also claims that the project might not overlap even with Redstone 6 or whatever it will be called.

Mind you that Microsoft never really announced the project in the first place. It is the patents which hinted Microsoft effort and commitment to the device. The thing is anything that never announced is never shelved if we minus the Microsoft enthusiast or fans from the equation. Anyways, the point is Microsoft is not canceling the project just yet, it is just that the company is not happy with its current form and will continue to develop the project until it reaches the expectation.

Bonus info: You can access all the information on Andromeda by clicking in this link.

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