Almost half of the demographics using Windows 10 are not happy with the aftermath of Windows updates that rolls out twice in a year. There were tons of complaints from the users since the very first rollout of Windows 10 which was either reserved or updated later by the existing Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 users. Ever since then the complaints never stopped coming from the user end and most of them were compatibility issues.

According to Which? survey the situation did not change much in almost three years. The Survey gives us some surprising results with nearly Fifty percent of users still face problems after updating their devices. The result is surprising because Microsoft claims that they worked a lot to solve the issues that are frequent to the end users. Though Microsoft did some great work to solve those and are working in several areas to make the updates less time consuming .

The survey mainly highlights Software compatibility issues besides other problems like syncing issues, PC slowdown and to name a few. The data further reveals that almost 21 percent of people witnesses an application program failure with 16 percent people faces hardware problems like printers and speakers stops working altogether.

Unlike Microsoft’s reaction regarding the consumers’ report about Surface Pro 4, The Redmond Giant has acknowledged the problems with the following statement:

“We want to make sure our customers receive the right support they need to get the best Windows update experience and we will continue to review customer enquiries and issues on a case-by-case basis to ensure individual help and resolution where possible. In addition, Which? members are very important to us so we are currently exploring ways in which we can work together in the future to ensure they have the support that they need in a way that is easy and quick.”

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