Microsoft has now officially pushed a new update to the SwiftKey Keyboard app. The latest update is headed to the SwiftKey Keyboard app on Android.

The new update to SwiftKey Keyboard comes in the Beta channel on the Android platform. It is life in the Google Play Store as ‘Swiftkey Beta’. Although the update is not available for everyone but the features it brings are exciting.

Speaking of the changes and features, the update brings support for Dark mode on Android. It also has got some redesigning in the app.


  • Your SwiftKey Keyboard now supports dark mode. The dark mode is available as an option on Android 10 (and higher).
  • Your SwiftKey Settings now offer a brand-new look. We’ve redesigned Settings to make things easier to find and your SwiftKey Keyboard easier to customize. Go check it out by pressing the ‘Cog’ icon on your Toolbar or tapping your SwiftKey app icon from your device app drawer.
  • New languages:
    • 10 from Uganda (Adhola, Ik, Konzo, Lugbara, Ma’di, Nyankore, Nyoro, Teso, Tooro, Soga)
    • 25 from Tanzania (Bena, Kwere, Gogo, Haya, Hehe, Hadza, Iraqw, Machame, Makonde, Kisi, Kagulu, Langi, Malila, Ndali, Nilamba, Nyamwezi, Nyakyusa-Ngonde, Mochi, Polo, Nature, Luguru, Sandawe, Sukuma, Datooga, Vunjo)
    • 11 from Zambia (Kaonde, Lamba, Lenje, Luvale, Lunda, Mbunda, Mambwe-Lungu, Mashi, Nyamwanga