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National Geographic partners with Microsoft to form AI for Earth Innovation

National Geographic joins hands with Microsoft in a new partnership to advance scientific exploration and research on critical environmental challenges with the power of AI. The joint venture which created $1 million AI for...

Microsoft acquires Bonsai to develop ‘brains’ for autonomous system

Microsoft signed an agreement to acquire Bonsai to develop 'brains' for autonomous systems. Bonsai is a startup based in Berkley, California, and an M12 portfolio company which is on a mission to train autonomous...

Microsoft introduces a brand new news engine to power MSN

Microsoft introduces a brand new news engine called Microsoft News which will power MSN.com, Microsoft News app for Android and iOS and the news app in Windows 10, Skype, Xbox, and Outlook.com. Microsoft News...

Tay is the new chatbot from Microsoft which can change the way we interact

Microsoft team is working on many new products. Now the company has made a new AI chatbot that will respond to your questions. The newest Ai client from the company is called Tay. We don't...

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