Microsoft team is working on many new products. Now the company has made a new AI chatbot that will respond to your questions.

The newest Ai client from the company is called Tay. We don’t know where this name came from.Although the company hasn’t made it official but the Twitter account of Tay Tweets is visible & verified too.

We tried to ask some questions to the Twitter account of Tay & it was very frequent in response. This could be the future if Microsoft is working very hard on it & providing accurate knowledge.

Here are some examples of what we asked & what we got in response without wasting even a single second of time.

When I asked her how are you she replied n a very funny way.

When asked him about what does it think of Microsoft?

Now if you want to know about Windows 10 Mobile , you can ask.We got this response,


If you have more & more questions & don’t want to discuss on tweets, you can just DM it.