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Microsoft Whiteboard app gets updated with many new features

Microsoft Whiteboard for Windows 10 gets a new update. Taking the app to version 19.10715.3948.0., the new update brings plenty of new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. You can see the official changelog...
Microsoft Photos

Microsoft Photos app updated with many new features

Microsoft Photos app for Windows 10 updated with many new features, a lot of bug fixes, and performance imrovements. Taking the app to version 2019.19061.14540.0, the app introduces features like Web switcher account, and more....
SMS Organizer

Microsoft’s SMS Organizer gets a new update

Microsoft's SMS Organizer has received an update today and it brings some important bug fixes and no new features. Aside from that, the new update takes SMS Organizer app to version 1.1.146. As officials have...

Sticky Notes on Windows 10 now gives users more control

Microsoft has pushed a new update to its tasks management app on Windows 10. The Sticky Notes V3.1 after the latest update gives users more control. Aside from taking the app to version 3.1.55, the...

Reader App Updated To Fix Address Bar Data Loss Issue

Today Microsoft pushed a small update for Reader app in Windows store. This update seems to be minor one and doesn't bring any new feature. Microsoft's Reader app is handy and small in size...

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