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New Windows 10 Mobile concept has redesigned UI with elements from Project Neon

The debate over "Whether Windows 10 Mobile is dead" won't be settled until the time when Build numbers for Redstone 3 are aligned across PC and Mobile. But that doesn't stop Windows 10 Mobile...

New Windows 10 Mobile concept has some refreshing UI changes

Time and again we have been posting some nice looking Windows 10 Mobile concepts and here is a new one that looks refreshing. At a time when Microsoft has not brought any major UI...

This Windows 10 Redstone Concept looks appealing. Watch the video.

A Windows 10 Redstone Concept has been shared with us by its creator. The concept does look appealing with its nuanced approach to many Windows 10 aspects. Here are the major changes that this...

Microsoft reveals its ‘Windows in the car’ at BUILD.

Microsoft has increased emphasis on tapping internet of things opportunity. During a BUILD 2014 session, it presented , how it plans to bring Windows to various devices, big or small. One of the key...

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