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New leaked Windows 9 video shows Multi-Desktop feature in action

So, a long-standing demand of Windows users may come true with Windows 9. WinFuture, who are providing one after another leaks of Windows 9, have now uploaded a video demoing multi-desktop support in action....

6Snap 3.0 Beta with Chat Feature link goes public

6Snap 3.0 Beta link has been made public and this Beta has the teased Chat feature of SnapChat. It may obviously have bugs and you can’t run the stable store version and this Beta...

Upcoming 6Snap chat feature UI revealed in a Screenshot

Rudy Huyn, the developer behind apps like 6tag, 6Sec and 6Snap has posted a screenshot revealing the new chat feature of 6Snap. He had earlier confirmed working on bringing the SnapChat’s chat feature to...

New SnapChat chat feature coming soon to 6Snap

While Joe Belfiore has mentioned talking to SnapChat for the official Windows Phone app, with Rudy Huyn around, you mayn't miss it so much. While 6Snap is all the way awesome app, Rudy has...

Microsoft to cut Windows 8.1 licensing fee by 70%. Bing introduces “Timeline” feature.

Microsoft reportedly is cutting Windows 8.1 licensing fees by 70% to ward off the competition from cheaper Chromebooks. Bloomberg's sources claim that Manufacturers will be charged $15 to license Windows 8.1 and pre-install it...

Flicking down to close apps also coming (Deemed completed) to WP8.

Forget about most voted requests like "File Manager" and "MicroSD card support improvement", feature request like "Flicking or swiping down the screen to close apps" is also deemed completed. This is our 3rd article...

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