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New Surface Phone/Andromeda patent talks about a 3rd screen at the hinge

Time for a new Microsoft patent for a foldable device that talks about a third screen region at the hinge. This is a new development as far as Microsoft's patents about the Surface Andromeda...

Surface Phone/Microsoft Andromeda design gets a new dimension with the detachable Hinge patent

We have so far developed a good understanding of Surface Phone/Surface Andromeda device design on the basis of patents that reveal too much. But the latest Microsoft patent adds a new dimension to this...

Microsoft patents foldable Surface Phone/Andromeda magnetic locking mechanism

After patenting the final design, hinge mechanism and more of the foldable Surface Phone/Andromeda hardware Microsoft has now patented its locking mechanism. Check the details from a recently granted Microsoft patent below. BACKGROUND Electronic devices may...

Surface Phone/Andromeda hardware with Snapdragon 845 is ready, software readiness a big question

Surface Phone/Andromeda device is one of the most keenly awaited hardware ever. Windows Phone/ Mobile fans want it to certainly happen and that too as soon as possible. We earlier posted a tip from...

Surface Phone/Mobile (Andromeda)’s note-taking app may be called “Journal”

We had exclusively reported about a note-taking app for Surface Phone/Mobile Andromeda device. Now, this app may be called "Journal", suggest some findings by Microsoft enthusiast "Walking Cat" on Twitter. He has found mention of "Journal"...

Surface Phone aka foldable Surface Mobile to feature holographic display, claims new rumor

We have been reporting about the mythical Surface Phone aka foldable Surface Mobile device in our coverage. It is much clear that whatever name Microsoft ends up calling this foldable mobile device, for fans it...

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