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Official eHarmony dating services app comes to Windows Phone

eHarmony, the popular dating service has released its official app for Windows Phone, which really looks like a nice gesture, considering the “Tinder” app drama ( 6tindr coming in and then pulled from store...

Catch the Titanfall launch live streaming on Twich TV. It’s on!!

So, the big Titanfall launch event has begun and you can catch the live streaming on Twitch TV below or by following the link and even contribute to the chat room. Watch live video from...

Titanfall is officially launched. Asian countries first ones to receive it.

And the "Titanfall" has officially landed! The first locations to receive the game are Asian countries. Jon, (who writes code for Titanfall) from Respawn has posted a small graph as well showing the online...

Nokia’s official video promotes Lumia 1020 over DSLR cameras.

Nokia has taken aim at bulkiness and discomfort of carrying and using DSLRs and has promoted ease of use of Lumia 1020 in its latest video ad. We all know how quality wise Lumia...

WhatsApp to get media autodownload. Rudy Huyn working on official Tinder app.

Nawzil has posted above screenshots on Twitter, from a latest version of WhatsApp Beta and with option of Media autodownlaod. Seems, this feature will soon come to WhatsApp. As seen in the above screenshots,...

Official changelog of Lumia Black update.

Nokia has posted detailed changelog of Lumia Black update for Lumia 1020. The version no. for this update is 3051.40000.134x.00xx. You may know that GDR3 and Lumia Black is rolling out to AT&T Lumia...

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