WhatsApp auto download

Nawzil has posted above screenshots on Twitter, from a latest version of WhatsApp Beta and with option of Media autodownlaod. Seems, this feature will soon come to WhatsApp. As seen in the above screenshots, there will be lots of options to control when to enable or disable autodownload. You can choose to download on WiFi or on mobile data and also what to download on mobile data. Roaming download options are also there. Here is the tweet from Nawzil,


Tinder NPU

The Tinder-6tindr saga is inching towards a happy ending, it seems!! Rudy Huyn has just informed on Twitter that, he has been reached by Tinder team and now he will work on the official Tinder app for Windows Phone. The casualty here is “6tindr” but, this paves way to Tinder officially coming to Windows Phone. So, it is a win-win situation for all in the end.