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6tin is the new avatar of 6tindr, the Tinder app from Rudy Huyn

6tindr was unofficial Tinder app for Windows Phone from developer Rudy Huyn, which was later removed from store on objection from Tinder. Though at that time Rudy informed everyone that he is working on...

6Snap 3.0 Beta with Chat Feature link goes public

6Snap 3.0 Beta link has been made public and this Beta has the teased Chat feature of SnapChat. It may obviously have bugs and you can’t run the stable store version and this Beta...

New SnapChat chat feature coming soon to 6Snap

While Joe Belfiore has mentioned talking to SnapChat for the official Windows Phone app, with Rudy Huyn around, you mayn't miss it so much. While 6Snap is all the way awesome app, Rudy has...

WhatsApp to get media autodownload. Rudy Huyn working on official Tinder app.

Nawzil has posted above screenshots on Twitter, from a latest version of WhatsApp Beta and with option of Media autodownlaod. Seems, this feature will soon come to WhatsApp. As seen in the above screenshots,...

Tinder app from Rudy Huyn, 6tindr hits Windows Phone store.

Developer Rudy Huyn has this knack of bringing the firsts and best apps for many officially unavailable services to common Windows Phone user. 6tindr, the long-teased Tinder app from Rudy is already available and...

6tindr, Rudy Huyn’s unofficial Tinder app releasing very soon

Good news for those missing a good "Tinder" application on Windows Phone. Rudy Huyn, the developer of apps like 6tag, 6snap, 6sec has just teased that his Tinder app, 6tindr is completed. He mentions...

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