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Microsoft Search

Microsoft announces new Search experience across Teams, SharePoint and Office.com (July 2020 update)

Microsoft has announced a number of updates to Microsoft Search tool (in Microsoft 365) across Microsoft teams, SharePoint and Office.com (July 2020).Microsoft Search is a new search offering that helps you save time by...

SharePoint pages in Office 365 is about get a lot more usable

SharePoint pages in Office 365 are about to get a lot more usable as the company is now looking to change certain things to improve the overall experience. Microsoft announced that it would be giving...
SharePoint communication sites

Microsoft updates SharePoint app on iOS, brings @mention and more

Microsoft pushes a new update to the SharePoint app on iOS. The new update brings some noteworthy new features and improvements like support for @mention in the comments. You also get notified when someone...
SharePoint Online

You can now Integrate Power BI reports in SharePoint Online

If you are a SharePoint Online user, you may be glad to know that Microsoft has just added the ability to embed the Power BI reports directly into the SharePoint Online. We’ve heard from customers that...

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