SharePoint Online

If you are a SharePoint Online user, you may be glad to know that Microsoft has just added the ability to embed the Power BI reports directly into the SharePoint Online.

We’ve heard from customers that SharePoint Online is a critical part of their company’s data communication and dissemination strategy and that to-date it wasn’t easy to include Power BI content there. The feature we’re announcing today changes all that.

We’ve been busy at work with the SharePoint team building an out-of-the-box web part for SharePoint Online using their new Modern Pages infrastructure. The new web part we are releasing today enables SharePoint authors to embed Power BI reports directly in SharePoint Online pages with no code required!  The feature is available today for Office 365 First Release customers.

Watch the demo video below to know how easy it is to integrate reports from Power BI:

Please note that the Power BI report web part requires all the report viewers to have a Power BI Pro license. If it is not the case, they’ll be directed to where they can enroll or start a Pro trial.

To learn more about how this feature came into existence, head over to this page