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Slack (Beta) for Windows Phone updated to v2017.1114.0

Slack (Beta) has received a new update for Windows Phone devices. The latest update version is 2017.1114.0. The latest update is the minor one. In terms of changes, the latest update brings only fixes which makes the app better. Check out the changelog below. Slack (Beta) Changelog: FIXED - We have tinkered with the

Slack Beta for Windows Phone updated with fixes

Slack Beta app for Windows phone receives new update in Microsoft store. It is just a minor update and doesn’t bring any new features. The latest app version is 2016.209.0.0.The update brings some fixes , see the change log below. Slack Beta Changelog: Release notes for Version 2017.209.0.0 (February 09, 2017) FIXED Small

Slack Beta for Windows updated


  Slack Beta for Windows updated with bug fixes and stability improvements. There are two updates available. Still the app is in beta stage, but the app is worth to try. Official Changelog  1.9.9 Beta What's New Fixed a handful of display glitches with notifications on Windows 7 or 8. Sometimes the taskbar icon would fall

Slack Beta for Windows updated with some new improvements


Slack Beta for Windows updated with new improved notifications and more new features. The new version number is 1.9.6. The official version note : In our everlasting quest to prevent you from missing notifications, we now badge the taskbar icon in addition to the tray icon. In addition, if you've set the window