Slack introduces voice calling feature for desktops. Slack has already started testing the some new features as we reported before. Finally they introduced very useful voice calling beta for the desktop platform. The feature will improve periodically with future updates and is now being tested on desktop in Slack’s apps and in Chrome.

Slack’s Vice President of Product April Underwood said: 

” For customers who already use services like Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, and Bluejeans, it’s easy to initiate a variety of calling features from within Slack, but for customers who need a simple solution for voice calls with members of their Slack team, this new feature will make Slack more useful. We’re looking forward hearing feedback from customers testing the beta, and are eager to get this feature in the hands of customers in our Slack mobile apps soon. “

According to Techcrunch the feature only available for very few of the users. Anyway check yourself..