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How to bulk install apps on Windows 10 using Windows Package Manager – winget

In our previous tutorial on Windows Package Manager, we discussed in detail about the features and how to download/install winget on a Windows 10 PC.In this tutorial, you will learn how to use winget...
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How to test DNS over HTTPS using Packet Monitor on Windows 10

In a previous blog post, we learned about how DNS over HTTPS can save you from most-common DNS exploits like eavesdropping and spoofing.And how to enable it on your Windows 10 machine.With the...
Surface Ear Buds and PowerPoint Presentation

How to control PowerPoint presentations with Surface Earbuds like a Pro

With the new Surface Earbuds, it is now possible to control your PowerPoint presentations and take it to the next level - no click click!The new Surface Earbuds feature an ultra-comfortable design, intuitive controls,...

[Video]How to bypass or disable the lock screen on Windows 10

If you are on Windows 10, then it is quite obvious to be welcomed by a lock screen interface (concealing login screen) every time you turn on your computer. While the feature comes alive in...
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How to hide or show apps list on Windows 10 PC

With each new feature addition, Windows 10 comes out better than before. One of the most highlighted and go to thing is the Windows Start menu, which now is a blend of classic Windows...

Video Tips : How to disable Cortana from task bar in Windows 10

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1y3BwBLtRNY     Cortana is one of the major feature added in Windows 10 - Lumia Users already aware of it You can access Cortana from Search box or Cortana Icon from Taskbar in Windows 10   Note :  Windows...

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