Cortana is one of the major feature added in Windows 10 – Lumia Users already aware of it

You can access Cortana from Search box or Cortana Icon from Taskbar in Windows 10


Note :  Windows + C =  Cortana


Windows 10 Cortana
Windows 10 Cortana


When you Upgrade from Windows 7 , Windows 8.1 or do a clean install of Windows 10 – Search Box of Cortana will enable by default


Following Steps to Disable , Restore back to default or changing search box into icon


1. Right click on Task bar

2. Go to Cortana and Select Hidden ( to hide Cortana Search box ) from Task bar


Screenshot (20)



Additional Steps :


* You can also choose : ( Show Cortana Icon ) by doing same steps – it helps to save your space in Task bar


* Anytime you can restore default by Selecting ( Show Search box ) to get back Cortana Search box in Task bar