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Windows Phone 8.1: Quick access settings (Action Centre), Dual-Sim support and more.

Some interesting leaks are still emerging for Windows Phone 8.1. As mentioned on the Windows phone lovers Facebook page, seems there will be Five Slots found in Quick Settings of Action Center and following...

Windows Phone 8.1: ‘Downloads’ Folder, Lockscreen WP8 vs WP8.1, Podcasts in action, SD Card...

Thanks for staying tuned and here is more about Windows Phone 8.1, revealed in leaked screenshots. Lock-screen WP8 vs WP8.1. Can you spot the differences?: This is important and pretty useful. So we saw the browser...

Windows Phone 8.1: Customizable camera viewfinder, 4 Calendar views, IETileManager, Settings walk-through.

More Windows Phone 8.1 changes are revealed in below screenshots. Windows Phone 8.1 is certainly proving to be a huge OS overhaul than mere cosmetic changes and nearly all settings and native apps have...


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