More Windows Phone 8.1 changes are revealed in below screenshots. Windows Phone 8.1 is certainly proving to be a huge OS overhaul than mere cosmetic changes and nearly all settings and native apps have some changes to report. Here you go,

Now you can choose what options you want to see in your camera viewfinder UI. Screenshot for the newly added “Project my screen” feature. wp8.1 camera

Calendar has not only added weekly view but yearly view as well. Browser upload (as reported by us earlier) has many options to control the actual upload.

wp8.1 calendar & browserSettings for Language, Region, Find my phone have many changes:

wp8.1 settingsEase of access has a separate browser settings view now. Can allow zooming on all web content. Speech can be used to access the Phone. NFC can now save “Apps that you trust:

wp8.1 settings2

IETileManager come to Windows Phone 8.1, auto-download MMS, Location request indicator:

wp8.1 settings3

Thanks Mohan for the tip. Cheers!!