Telegram has updated its Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile app with new design and features. These changes were first revealed as a part of Telegram Messenger Private Beta, that appeared sometime ago in the store.

Read about the major changes below.


New Windows 10 Mobile design, though it is not a Windows 10 UWP app yet.

Once you download and set up the app, you will quickly notice how far Telegram has re-worked on every bit of it from the home screen to settings and the new chat window UI.

There are some new animations all around the app, too and they just feel so good. I am not a frequent user of the app, but I liked the way everything is packed up, at-least in the early release, and may consider it as my daily messenger app.

You even get PASSCODE LOCK and TWO-STEP AUTHENTICATION under Settings > Privacy and Security. Pretty neat!

There is no hamburger menu, however, so if you were looking for one, hold on!

Telegram Messenger
Telegram Messenger