Microsoft in a latest quest posted in the brand-new Feedback Hub app has proposed some changes to the way Action Center icon on Windows 10 behaves when a notification becomes available.

Currently the Action Center entry point is a speech bubble shown on the taskbar that will become filled in when a new notification arrives. Going forward, we’re considering one of two designs, the goals of which are:

  • Make incoming notifications subtly more present

  • Move the Action Center icon to the corner, shifting the clock by one spot, so it isn’t buried in a sea of other icons. Note: the show-desktop “sliver” does not move [Symbol]

  • Make the Action Center icon easier to click

  • Add color in a delightfully subtle and ephemeral way

  • Give you a sense of number of incoming notifications 

  • Help determine when opening Action Center is relevant by giving a sense of which application just sent a notification

  • Create an alternative option for those that want a quieter solution than toast notifications while still having a visual cue that a new notification has arrived

There are two options and you can take Microsoft’s survey to tell them which option you liked more.

Option 1:


Option 2:


Personally, I liked option 2, in which the color of notification icon changes as per the incoming notifications from various apps.

Here is the sway link that you can go to for having a look at both the options again and then helping Microsoft by taking the survey.

Sway link