Win 10 WU

As many as three WU updates are available today for Windows 10 Build 9879. Two of them are security updates, while the third fixes issue with HDD failure affecting some users.

You still need to pay attention for installing these updates. As per Gabriel from Microsoft, for applying these updates successfully, you may need to first install WU update KB3022827 out of these three and then try others. If you still face issue, you may need to uninstall Microsoft office from your PC and then install these updates and then re-install Microsoft office. Here are all the details about these three updates from Gabriel Aul,

please try to install KB3022827 *before* the workaround to uninstall Office first. It will work for many, no harm if not.

(1/4) Hey , we just made a tough call after working through the night that I thought I should share with you.

(2/4) We have a security update going out today, and the installer fails on 9879 if Office is installed.

(3/4) Rather than rolling a new fix (losing several days in the process) we’re going to publish it as is.

The workaround is painful: uninstall Office, install the hotfix, reinstall Office. Sorry. We’re working hard to fix.

I recommend taking the fix, it’s a cumulative security rollup. No public vulns but good to be safe.

I first installed KB3022827 on my Netbook followed by other two and it has worked fine without a need to uninstall and install MS Office. So, may be it works just fine for you too.


In case above workarounds don’t work you can try this,

  1. Restart your PC

  2. Open CMD.exe as an Administrator and run: compact /u /exe /s:%windir%\winsxs\filemaps

  3. Immediately afterwards run Windows Update > Check for updates

  4. Install KB3020114

  5. Restart when prompted

This workaround has been suggested by Gabriel and has worked for some.

Thanks Michael for the tip. Cheers!!