Windows phone 8.1 browserAs per a report from Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet, Windows Threshold, the upcoming major Windows overhaul will bring some interesting changes to the Windows versions as we know them now.

  • Windows Phone and Windows RT will merge into one common Mobile / Tablet Windows versions targeted to touch devices. It will support side by side app multitasking windows view.
  • The Windows for Desktop / Laptop will be separate from the SKU mentioned above and will be targeted to keyboard / mouse users. It will pack a mini start menu. It also will include the ability to run Metro-Style/Windows Store apps in windows on the Desktop

She also claims that Microsoft is expected to deliver a public preview of the Threshold release, most likely in the fall of 2014. That looks bit in line with what our sources predicted for Windows Phone 9 preview. According to Mary it may or mayn’t be called Windows 9 ultimately.

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