Hi , we are here with another awesome tutorial to make your Windows experience better than ever. As you know Microsoft’s new operating system (Windows 10) have so many hidden features and more new additions. Now we are sharing a simple trick to enable Windows 10’s hidden dark theme.

Let’s start 

1)  Go to start – then search REGEDIT , then hit enter key

Screenshot (74)


2) Then click YES when the OS requests for permission to run the request.

3) Now Registry editor will open. Within the registry editor navigate to this directory



4) There will be a key named Personalize (if not simply create a new key named Personalize. To do this right click on      the Themes key and select New > Key and name it Personalize.)

Screenshot (75)

5) After creating new key click on it then right click and select  New > DWORD (32-bit) Value.

6) Set new DWORD key name to AppsUseLightTheme

7) In the Value data section set the value as ‘ 0 ‘ Then click OK

Screenshot (77)

8) You are almost done, now repeat the steps from 1 to 7 in this below key


9) After all this Exit registry editor then restart your PC and see the magic

Screenshot (78)

Did you like the tutorial ? Please let us know your opinion about this tutorial . 🙂