View 3D Preview

Microsoft recently released a new Fast Ring build(14986) on PC for Insiders. With this build, Microsoft has bundled a fresh new app to further support the idea of 3D for everyone — View 3D Preview.

View 3D app, which is in preview currently, allows you to open and view 3D models inside of Windows. View 3D app also supports opening .fbx and .3mf file types.

There’s a new inbox app available for Windows Insiders on build 14986 in the Fast ring! View 3D Preview will enable everyone to easily open and view 3D models inside of Windows. Simply launch View 3D Preview and select the open button and navigate to a supported 3D object on your computer to view, rotate around, and zoom in on the object. View 3D Preview supports opening .fbx and .3mf file types. Currently the app will display text in English regardless of your system display language, but we’re working on it – stay tuned!

Microsoft has already a few apps like 3D Builder, which recently made it appearance on mobile, as well the Paint 3D app, which too is in preview at the moment and will come as a replacement for the classic Paint app when Windows 10 Creators Update hits your machine, in early 2017.

View 3D Preview app is only available for insiders on the Fast Ring (Build 14800 or greater).


3D Viewer
3D Viewer
Price: Free