WhatsApp on Windows Phone is updated which brings new features and changes. It is worth noting that WhatsApp on Windows Phone 8 has long been pulled out from the store and one needs to have at least Windows 8.1 to run WhatsApp. Consequently, today’s update is only available only to those ones who have Windows 8.1 or higher.


• Introducing WhatsApp video calling. With free video calls, you can have face-to-face chats with your friends and family around the world. Data charges may apply. (requires Windows Phone 8.1+)

• You can now send and receive animated GIFs

• Draw or add text and emojis to photos

Apps like WhatsApp is absolutely critical given that a chunk of people uses it as their daily driver for communication. WhatsApp dismissal from the store would be the last thing Windows Phone users want and that, in turn, would make the platform a non-existent one.