Surface Dial

In what to expect from Microsoft’s Spring Event on May 2, we shared a rumor about a cheaper Microsoft Notebook with Clamshell design that may herald a new Surface category. This original rumor claims it to be the new yet cheaper Surface Book, which doesn’t fit the bill, as Surface Book is the premium category. However as per other rumors, this new device may be the first one to run Windows 10 Cloud and will be targeted at Education sector.

Now, a new tip may or may not reveal name of this upcoming Surface device from Microsoft. As per this new leak, the Clamshell design cheaper Surface Notebook may be called “Surface CloudBook” after all.

As per the tweet posted by Walking Cat “Students & Scholars” collection in Windows 10 Store has reportedly “CloudBook” id. Even the Office 365 Personal app shown in above screenshot seems to be in works.

So, joining all the dots (Surface Book + Cheap + Windows 10 Cloud + new Surface category) seems to strongly hint at Surface Cloudbook running Windows 10 Cloud , coming next from Microsoft. It may arrive with some new Education / Productivity apps in tow. It will be much cheaper than Surface Book and with a new design.