After several round of rumors, Microsoft has now made its Spring 2017 Event official. The Spring event will be held on May 2. It seems to be aimed at Microsoft’s ambitions in Education Sector, as the “#MicrosoftEDU” hashtag at Event landing page reveals.


Microsoft will live-stream the event, which you would be able to watch on May 2, 9:30 a.m. Eastern Time (6:30 a.m. Pacific).

What to expect from Microsoft’s May 2 Event

Surface Pro 5:

While there are all kind of rumors about Surface Pro 5, some claiming that it will be revealed during Spring Event, others claim it won’t. But the only piece of evidence that we have seen is in form of it passing certification in China.

Coming to what changes / new features Surface Pro 5 brings over Surface Pro 4, we can expect Kaby Lake Processor and USB-C type slot for sure. There have been rumors about UHD display and Surface Pen with some exciting features like color-sensing tip & display too. Surface Pen may be rechargeable too.

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Surface Cloudbook running Windows 10 Cloud:

Update: New leaks strongly hint that it may be known as Surface CloudBook. Read more.

A new Surface Category or just Surface 4 with a new design running windows 10 Cloud Edition may be unveiled altogether. Rumors have it that it may comes with a Clamshell design. A cheap Surface 4 running Windows 10 Cloud Edition may be targeted at Education Sector as a worthy competitor to Chrome Books.

Windows 10 cloud Edition:

Microsoft is supposed to officially launch Windows 10 Cloud Edition, that has leaked already. Windows 10 Cloud will be able to install apps only available in Windows Store. Though for a price Windows Cloud users will be able to upgrade to versions allowing installation of traditional Win32 apps.

Windows 10 Cloud may be aimed at Education sector with lower pricing and cheaper compatible hardware.

There may be more announcements, but circulating rumors don’t talk about other possible hardware announcements. Surface Phone is ruled out by our own sources and Surface Book 2 is not coming, claim some Microsoft watchers.

We will update this article if we come to know more.