While we have heard rumors about Windows 10 TH2 release build coming on November 10, the Patch Tuesday, here is what we can add via our sources.

If our sources have to be believed Windows 10 Build 10586 may be the TH2 RTM or public release build. The build may get released to Windows Insiders simultaneously with the Windows 10 Mobile RTM Build, Build 10586. Microsoft did release one Mobile (Build 10581) and one PC (Build 10576) build to Insiders simultaneously last time around and we understand that was a trial run. This build may come to Insiders as soon as this week.

Coming to public release, Build 10586 may land as the November Refresh update for Windows 10 for everyone running the Windows 10’s release Build 10240 on November 10, if earlier rumors of release on Patch Tuesday hold true.