The next major Windows 10 update is Windows 10 Version 2004 that may be released in April 2020. Now, a Reddit user has found that the update also fixes an issue that currently users are facing while using multiple monitors with different refresh rates.

The user mentions that this bug has been there for years and makes screen stutter while playing video or moving window when connected to a screen with different refresh rate. The fix has been confirmed by other users too in the comments.

However the user also mentions that it is not a 100% fix but still for most of the users would be just fine.

Thanks to u/Nosimo for pointing out this might not be a 100% fix as of yet. This is because VSync of the lower refresh rate monitor appears to be turned off to match the refresh rate of the higher monitor. This is unlikely to be an issue for most people, but if it is, judder can then somewhat be alleviated by using a refresh rate divisible of the higher monitor, eg for 144Hz, set the 2nd monitor to 72Hz (or 71.9xHz).

It also appears to not work more than 3x the refresh rate of the 2nd monitor. So for example, a 240Hz monitor will be reduced to 180Hz when there is activity on the 2nd monitor running at 60Hz.

The version 2004 update is a major feature update and brings many new features, changes and improvements.

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