Windows 10 21H2 is supposed to be the major feature update for 2021. It will bring lots of UI changes and may new features. Now, three hidden features Device Usage, Windows Spotlight, Touch Keyboard customization in the latest 21H2 preview build have been leaked.

Device Usage:

Windows will ask you about how you plan to use your device. It will use what you chose for recommending tools and services to customize your PC. The option appears under personalization settings.

Windows Spotlight:

Windows Spotlight can be used as a Desktop background image source. You will also get option to “Learn about this picture” item in bottom right when a spotlight image is set as background. Hovering over this option shows the place’s name as well as credit. Double clicking brings the information about place on Bing.

Touch Keyboard customization:

New options will be available to customize the touch keyboard.

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