We are pretty much aware that Microsoft in partnership with Qualcomm will be launching new Windows 10 cellular PCs by the end of this year. These PCs will be based on ARM architecture and just like any other PC will be able to run full Windows 10 OS including Win32 or classic Windows apps through x86 emulation built right into the machine, as well as support advanced cellular network connectivity or 5G network.

Until now, little have been known about how actually things work and how Microsoft was able to emulate applications with no code modification or software installation, but thankfully we now have.

In one of the Build sessions during Build 2017, for the first time ever you will be able to experience the Windows you know running on Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, in this case Snapdragon 835, with all the apps, and peripherals on a mobile, power efficient, always-connected cellular PC.

As you can see in the embed above,  the device is powered by flagship Snapdragon 835 paired with 4GB of RAM. The apps launch quickly and USB peripherals do not require any third-party or driver installations, which is great.

The classic or standard win32 apps can be installed and run exactly the same way as would expect on a normal PC. All of this action happens during the runtime through a custom Microsoft emulator, Windows on Windows (WOW).

For UWP apps, no code modification is required at the developer end and the apps run natively on the machine just like as they would expect.

Watch the video above for an in depth information.