While we have covered the official changelog of Windows 10 Build 10547 earlier, there are some changes that are not covered in it. In this article, we have listed those previously unknown changes with screenshots. You can read our first impressions of the build and watch more screenshots by clicking here.

The context menu for tiles has a changed look:

Context Sensitive Menu for Live Tiles has a changed new look as can be seen in the screenshot below.

Build 10547.11

Windows Store shows updated and new downloads queued separately.

Screenshot (20)

Email & Call history now available in Privacy settings:

Screenshot (19)

Windows Spotlight makes a comeback:

The feature has made a comeback and is available for only Pro versions of Windows 10.

Screenshot (18)

Resize a snapped Window settings toggle:

The cool new multitasking feature is enabled via a toggle in Multitasking settings.

Screenshot (17)

You can now change Microsoft account for receiving Insider Builds:

I have personally configured more than one Microsoft account for troubleshooting issues related to Insider Builds. Good to see that Microsoft is now offering this option natively.

Screenshot (16)

Microsoft Edge has even better HTML5 score:

Build 10547.3

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